“There isn’t a right strategy, just a clear one.” – David Maiser, Leading Thinker on Management

As real-world, field-driven practitioners of corporate strategy from the boardroom and executive roles we’ve learned great strategy isn’t just about having a strategic plan. It’s about building confidence and allowing leaders to lead with that confidence by having a vision and a road map for getting there.

It’s the kind of confidence that cascades from leadership to the front-line. Teams know where they’re going and why. Individuals contribute with purpose and meaning.

Our purpose is to transform organisations by transforming the lives of people within them.

When people have purpose and meaning in their work, they’re better employees. Better employees create a better work environment, which in turn creates happier customers. And happy customers become loyal customers. As a result, loyal customers drive growth, profitability, and longevity that impact the financial future of employees and businesses, as well as the communities they serve.

This is why we exist.

Strategy is about value creation

It is how a business intends to create value for its owners. It confirms the reason for the organisation’s existence, its aspirations for the future, the chosen path forward, and the way it will measure its success.

For strategy to be effective, it must be robustly constructed, communicated clearly and succinctly, and be supported with accountability during delivery.

But how often have you heard “We had good strategy, but we didn’t execute.” Vision and Strategy is important but execution is the key.

Australian Advisory Boards Institute provides expert consulting services in strategy development, strategic planning, and strategy review, which are tailored to clients’ needs.

Australian Advisory Boards Institute helps businesses to:​​

  • Provide strategic clarity, consistency, and simplicity of message to align the organisation
  • Make the strong link between strategy development and strategy execution
  • Interface strategy with performance management
  • Monitor the progress of strategy execution

To achieve strategic clarity, consistency, and simplicity of message we facilitate the development of the strategic framework using a “Strategy on a Page” (SOAP) approach