Peter Williams, Australia’s #1 Authority On Leveraging Growth Through Business Advisory Boards, is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News.

In this segment, Amber asks Peter: “What are some of the key issues that keep business owners awake at night?”


Amber Sherlock: What are some of the key issues that keep business owners awake at night?

Peter Williams: Yes, the key issues, it’s a challenge running a business. There’s no doubt about it. Everything’s coming at you from all different directions. So some of the key issues that when I’ve talked to business owners have been around, unpredictable revenue strains, squeezed margins, profit, those type of things, loss of fat clients, competitor activity coming into the market which has been a sort of things from national, global cause we live in a very globalised world. So they sit there and they think, well, how do I take my business to the next level? How do I survive even, but let alone grow? So they are some of the issues that I’ve found that keep business owners awake at night. And this is where the advisory board provides a proven framework and proven skills to help overcome those so that they’re not alone. So they don’t feel alone. They’ve got a trusted a group that they can talk to about their issue.