Peter Williams, Australia’s #1 Authority On Leveraging Growth Through Business Advisory Boards, is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. In this segment, Amber asks Peter about the challenges to building sustainable value in a company.


Amber Sherlock: What are the challenges to build a sustainable value in a company?

Peter Williams: Sustainable value has to be the end goal. As a business owner, you’ve worked very hard to get where you go. Sometimes it’s around I’m just surviving, sometimes that I’m actually trapped in my business because I haven’t created enough value. So sustainable value to me is what you deserve as a business owner. You deserve to be able to create valuable, sustainable value in your business and future certainty. So having the advisory board helps you overcome those issues and doubts about where the business is. As I mentioned before, it’s just survival, it’s the lowest value that you would, then it’s around being in the value creation traps. So you’ve got a business that’s successful that you’re running very hard at it and you don’t seem to be getting ahead of the game. So it’s then about bringing alignment about all the members in the team to really have the same direction. And then at the highest value end, it’s really about having the experts and expertise around the board that can help you drive to where you want to be.

Amber Sherlock: Thank you very much.

Peter Williams: Thank you.