Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board book by Peter Williams

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Are You Ready For Your
Own Advisory Board?

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Don’t Handicap Your Business By Trying
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Motivation, talent, and hard work have always been the keys to getting a successful business off the ground. Unfortunately, especially in today’s fast-evolving economy, there are limits to how far they can take you on their own. Most businesses experience this as a growth ceiling – they reach a certain size, then find that despite their best efforts they can’t grow any further.

Building a business is complex, and for most entrepreneurs it’s taking them into new territory. You need the right advice to help you navigate the difficulties.

How do you, as a business owner, get access to the advice and support you need as you build your revenue towards nine figures? What do you do when you want to discuss your plans with a trusted peer?

In this pioneering book for aspirational business owners, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between an advisory board and a traditional board of directors – and which suits your business better
  • How an advisory board can give you access to the skills and experience you need to break through the growth ceiling
  • What you should look for as you choose independent advisors, and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • The secrets of working effectively with a board to free up time, streamline bureaucracy, and build the management structure your business needs


Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board book by Peter Williams

“Quite simply, the results speak for themselves, In the 12 months since we have had the advisory board chaired by Peter Williams, revenue has increased by 131% and profit by 149%. Simply outstanding.”

Kieren Colville

General Manager at AE Hoskins Building Services

Peter Williams is Australia’s most experienced pioneer of business advisory boards. With over three decades of experience across a range of industries, from gold mining to investment banking, he knows what it takes to succeed as a leader.

Originally trained as an engineer, Peter worked on a range of projects that included Australia’s first large-scale diamond mine. Later he moved into investment banking, assessing mining projects for their investment potential. He then was appointed 2IC at Western Australia’s Water Corporation for several years. After that he began working with CEO peer groups, helping business owners connect with each other for advice and support, before founding the Australian Advisory Boards Institute.

The roots of Peter’s success lie in his own experience of working with business leaders. He knows the challenges they face, and the value of peer support at overcoming those challenges. He has an in-depth understanding of how advisory boards can provide that support and how they should be structured to deliver it most effectively.

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Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board book by Peter Williams

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“My experience as a CEO on our Advisory Board is that Peter Williams is adept at capturing the important insights and guiding my team of executives in the creation of powerful action plans, resulting in an extremely well-constructed, highly-developed engagement.”


MD, Leading ITC firm

“Thanks for your support during my transformation from engineer to COO and now CEO. Your enthusiasm for my future and your ability to broaden my horizons and encourage higher level thinking has been stimulating and enlightening.”


CEO, Large Engineering Firm

“Peter helped us establish a formal Board structure for the first time. Working as Chairman of our Advisory Board we were able to establish a true understanding of the benefits of a Board which has been invaluable to our business. I highly recommend Peter for anyone wanting an Advisory Board for their organisation.”


MD, Large Labour Hire company

“I engaged Peter Williams to take the executive team through their first strategic planning process for internal purposes and to meet USA head office requirements. Peter is a clear thinker, a strategist, and a consummate facilitator. His pragmatic and open style of engaging with all staff assisted in getting a fantastic result for the organisation.”


MD, Australian Distributor for huge multinational company

“Peter is an excellent advisor and skilled mentor. He helped me enormously to significantly grow my business and was a valuable sounding board for challenges, issues, opportunities, and performance. Without Peter my business would not have been as successful as it is. I highly recommend Peter.”


MD, Mortgage Broking Professional Services

“As a result of Peter’s mentoring and challenge, there are issues that I am now tackling in my business that I certainly would not have been working on if not for Peter’s involvement which I am most grateful for.”


MD, Large Australian Accounting Firm

Drawing on the lessons of his own career, Peter knows that timely access to the right expertise and wisdom is key to successful leadership. When you’re running a growing business you don’t have the slack to operate by trial and error; you have to be confident that you’re making the right decisions.

In his new book, Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board?, Peter lifts the lid on the misconceptions that deter businesses from setting up a board. He explores each myth in detail, using case studies and anecdotes from his own experiences to highlight how the right advisers can take your leadership to the next step and help your business unleash its full growth potential.

In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover:

  • How an advisory board is structured, and what it does
  • Why a board increases, not reduces, your control of the business
  • Ways to use your board effectively to free up your time
Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board book by Peter Williams
  • How to have a proactive board without inefficient bureaucracy
  • The truth about how advisory boards improve business performance