Board Resolution

Great boards make for great business.

People are the key to a great board – just as people are key to a great business. An effective board seeks to stimulate the flow of ideas, identify key issues, consider alternatives, and make informed decisions. To do so requires often-vigorous debate, which can sometimes turn into conflict, but there are many more reasons why disputes and disagreements may arise, particularly in family and private businesses, and it can be difficult to resolve them from within the business.

Board dispute resolution services give you an outside perspective, so you can move toward a solution that works for everyone. Mediation, troubleshooting advice, and conflict resolution can help resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

It’s about expert advice and practical solutions to help your business move forward with a strong, united board.

Situations that often cause conflicts within boards include:

  • A CEO who has trouble building relationships with the board or certain directors
  • Poorly performing directors or conflicts between directors
  • Lack of alignment on the role of the board versus management’s role
  • Disagreement or dissatisfaction with content and conduct of meetings
  • A difficult period for a company stemming from adverse publicity, poor earnings, share performance, or executive misconduct
  • Board dissatisfaction with CEO or other senior management performance

Disputes between shareholders and/or directors

These require special skills to resolve properly and take the heat out of the situation.

These disputes can be very damaging to the financial and trading well-being of the business itself, particularly so when the Board and shareholding is split evenly, thus often placing the company in a stalemate situation in which no one can make corporate decisions without the support of those with whom they are in dispute.

The interests of the company itself is often overlooked as people fight to protect their own personal interests. For most companies, resolving the situation is more difficult because they failed to enter into a Shareholders’ Agreement or have one that is poorly written.

Board resolution services allow directors and shareholders to resolve their disputes in a much faster and less costly fashion than by pursuing legal remedies through the courts or simply arguing or, worse, not speaking to each other.

Board performance evaluation can give you real insights into strengths, weaknesses, and risk factors that affect your board.