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Peter Williams is Australia’s #1 authority on leveraging growth through business advisory boards. With more than three decades of varied experiences behind him, he is now a highly sought-after adviser and board member for companies across a wide range of industries.

Peter’s strength is in his deep understanding of the challenges facing business owners and senior executives, and how to overcome them by having the right advice available when you need it.

As one of the pioneers in bringing the concept of business advisory boards to Australia, Peter has played an active role in assisting many companies to set up structured, flexible boards to bring in knowledge and experience. He has helped businesses resolve internal disputes, adapt to changing market conditions, and break through stubborn growth ceilings.

This is your opportunity to benefit from Peter’s knowledge and experience. As a dynamic and experienced business leader, you’ve been responsible for developing the strategies to take companies forward to growth and further success. A consultation with Peter Williams will give you a new perspective on how to capitalise on your extensive experience through an advisory board chairmanship.

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