What If You Could Hand-Pick Your Own Board Of Advisors
To Rent On A Monthly Basis – So You Have Your Own Sounding Board &
Expert Resources To Break Through The Biggest Roadblocks
Holding Your Business Back From Exponential Growth?

Build From Scratch Or Rent?

Imagine having your own board of advisors, who are experts in their field, who you can count on to advise you on the growth of your business.

If you were to identify, source and hire your own board of advisors with an experienced board chairman and write a board charter and letters of engagement, in most cases, it would be an expensive and arduous process inherent with risk. You can end up wasting a lot of time focussing on who will be on your board, rather than on what expertise you really need.

What if you could trial a handpicked board of advisers that you could rent on a 3-month trial basis, and that could become your sounding board and resource for the biggest roadblocks to the growth of your business?

Why Hire Individual Consultants — When You Can Have Your Own Board Of Advisors?

Most business owners hire expensive consultants when they need outside help to improve their business. Usually the consultants are skilled at solving one problem at a time — and you need multiple consultants to solve multiple problems at one time to eventually achieve target revenue growth objectives.

The last thing you want to be doing is spending your valuable time managing (sometimes even “babysitting”) consultants, whose goal is to bill you to the extent that they can, to maximise their time in solving your challenges.

Why not simplify your business decision-making and rent your own high-impact board of advisors, who truly care about your business, not billing you per hour or per day?

Why Rent Your Own Advisory Board?

A carefully selected Advisory Board customised to your business, who truly cares about your success, without any hidden agendas, can give you significant leverage over your competition.

Renting your own board of advisors, gives you a dedicated and experienced group of the very best business experts, who are authorities in their own subject areas. Your advisory board members will be specifically selected based on their skills, knowledge and experience relative to your strategic objectives.

They will not be content experts, selected by a consulting firm to fill a specific project need. Rather, they will be proven authorities in their field, tried and tested.

Manage Individual Consultants Or Rent Your Own High-Impact Advisory Board

Consultants Your Advisory Board
  • Usually hired after a problem is costing you money
  • Narrow in focus, no context to big picture
  • Increased billing expense based on increased project scope
  • Your valuable time used to manage them
  • Their goal is often to extend the project, which extends your payment to them (always searching for more work)
  • Your own dedicated and committed board members
  • Starting from a focus on your strategic objectives
  • Identify, diagnose, and prioritise strategic problem-solving
  • Strategy first, tactics second
  • Reasonable monthly fee
  • Recommendations to source specific experts for specific growth issues

Your Advisory Board is truly an extension of your business. They become integrated into your brand, your organisational chart, and your leadership team. Your board becomes your personal board of mentors.

Rent Your Own Advisory Board - Fast Start Process

For a limited time, a complimentary copy of Peter Williams’ new book, “Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board?”, is available to business owners who would like to learn more about whether renting an advisory board is right for them.

(When you order the book, you will have the opportunity to select having a Complimentary Board Roadmap Session with Peter to discuss your specific needs)

“Quite simply, the results speak for themselves, In the 12 months since we have had the advisory board chaired by Peter Williams, revenue has increased by 131% and profit by 149%. Simply outstanding.”

Kieren Colville

General Manager at AE Hoskins Building Services

Drawing on the lessons of his own career, Peter knows that timely access to the right expertise and wisdom is key to successful leadership. When you’re running a growing business you don’t have the slack to operate by trial and error; you have to be confident that you’re making the right decisions.

In his new book, Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board?, Peter lifts the lid on the misconceptions that deter businesses from setting up a board. He explores each myth in detail, using case studies and anecdotes from his own experiences to highlight how the right advisers can take your leadership to the next step and help your business unleash its full growth potential.

In this breakthrough book, you’ll discover:

  • How an advisory board is structured, and what it does
  • Why a board increases, not reduces, your control of the business
  • Ways to use your board effectively to free up your time
Are You Ready For Your Own Advisory Board - Peter Williams
  • How to have a proactive board without inefficient bureaucracy
  • The truth about how advisory boards improve business performance
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