Peter Williams

I am Australia’s pioneering advocate for the use of Advisory Boards to grow businesses. I am also a highly experienced Non-Executive Director serving on corporate boards.

After a thirty-year career in business across many industries at the top level (including Chief Executive) I have led or served on 15 Advisory Boards and traditional Boards across 13 industries. I provide insights into how businesses, their leaders and the wider team reach their full potential.

As a former investment banker I have been schooled in the tough, dog-eat-dog world of investment banking and have had to thoroughly understand the businesses – from finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. In many ways similar to being a director or advisory board chair where you have to be across all the issues.

My achievements have included:

  • Chairing numerous boards for start up and expanding business guiding them to scale for growth.

  • Establishing WA’s desalination program, which has kept Perth drought-free.

  • Project managing the creation of Australia’s first high-volume diamond mine.

  • Introducing alliance contracting into Australia, establishing it as a preferred method for infrastructure and other projects.

  • Implementing better governance, risk management, and professionalism as an Advisory Board member.

  • Raised $14m in capital as the Chairman of an electricity distribution company.

  • Negotiated a Joint Venture with Vietnam for the word’s first lobster hatchery.

  • Mentoring the CEOs of 24+ businesses seeking to grow, dealing with adverse market conditions or improving their overall performance.

Having recently established The Australian Advisory Boards Institute to innovate for company growth, I am especially interested in discussing the establishment of these Boards for growing companies, including those with private equity backing. In addition, I bring my experience as Chairman or Non-Executive to more traditional company boards, and as an ASIC Responsible Manager and a motivational speaker.

For your free ‘head-to-toe’ analysis and assessment of your current and future needs and requirements please contact me on 1300 694 899 or email us by clicking here.

Peter Williams “At the Helm”