Peter Williams, Australia’s #1 Authority On Leveraging Growth Through Business Advisory Boards, is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News.

In this segment, Amber asks Peter: “If a business is already successful, why do they need an Advisory Board?”


Amber Sherlock: If a business is already successful, why do we need an advisory board?

Peter Williams: It’s very lonely at the top. So most business owners find that it’s lonely there. They’re in their own business, they don’t really have anyone who’s a true peer because they’re usually always employees, in some form, even though they might be senior in experience, they don’t really have anyone that they can go and talk to. They don’t have anyone they can really trust. So if they’ve got fears about their business or the market or where they’re positioned or how they’re going to grow, there’s no one within their own organisation that they can really talk to. So the advisory board brings in the expertise and skills to sit around the table and provides an objective and a sounding board for the owner or the CEOs as to what they would like to do, where they want to go and how they should actually get there. So that really helps the gang lift the business owner because he’s already been successful. He’s got his business to this level, but he actually now wants to take it to that level. So having the advisory board around him means that he can road test all the ideas without fear or favour. Because the advisory board has no other objective other than to help the business owner succeed.