Peter Williams, Australia’s #1 Authority On Leveraging Growth Through Business Advisory Boards, is interviewed by television news presenter and reporter Amber Sherlock of TV’s Nine News. In this segment, they discuss the Australian Advisory Boards Institute.


Amber Sherlock: Take me through what exactly is the Australian Advisory Boards Institute?

Peter Williams: I often get asked, Peter, how do I scale my business? How do I grow to the next level? We live in a very fast paced world, ever-changing, technology is changing, the market is changing, the environment is changing. So, how do I actually take it? How do I find sustainable value and future certainly for my business?

So, after chairing 17 boards in different industries, what I found is that the best thing to grow and accelerate the growth of your business is to surround yourself with people who can get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. So I formed the Australian Advisory Boards Institute to professionalize the way advisory boards could be run to ensure that you get the proper structure, the proper focus and the proper clarity around how to actually look at the strategic direction, the strategic vision, challenge the status quo, challenge the business as usual approach and therefore lift the business of the owners and the CEOs to that level that they want to when they get to.